2022 –
Twentynine Palms, CA.


Located remotely in a vast desert landscape, the humble home seeks to create a refuge. What rests neatly as two simple rectangular volumes, is an impactful self-sustaining environment.

Entry to the house is through the 4’ wide void left between the two volumes, and begins with a shaded garden space, where palm trees extend up through the ceiling and hammocks rest peacefully between the trunks of the same trees. Once beyond the garden, the secondary entry to the indoor environment unfolds. The kitchen and living room open to a shaded pool space, where the prevailing winds come from, creating an evaporative cooling effect of breezes through the house. The outdoor dining area is on the north side, guarding it against the intense heat, where one can sit outside comfortably at night, light up the fireplace, and enjoy the quiet of the desert.

Formally, the shape of the house reflects its effective passive systems; the two long volumes are contained at each end by semi-enclosed shaded outdoor spaces to capture cool air for circulation and insulate the interior spaces from the hot desert sun.

The natural elements of the Joshua tree desert influenced the color palette for the design; sand-toned stucco and light-colored wood blend together with each other and their surroundings.

The house is crafted to engage with the arid landscape and to reflect upon its vast qualities.