Ozarks Residence

2022 –
Lake of the Ozarks, MO.


In the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks sits a 12-acre site filled with natural grassland, expansive lake views, untouched forest and dramatic outcroppings of natural limestone & chert mineral formations. This site was chosen for a weekend retreat with aspirations of capturing the natural beauty of the region and intimately connecting inhabitants with the landscape.

Inspiration for locating the dwelling arose from an existing concrete bench atop a ridge-line on the southern portion of the site. This seat for two was focused toward a framed view of the lake bend, where the previous landowners spent evenings observing the setting sun.

This artifact became the starting point for molding a modest concrete structure with expansive glass that opens to the surrounding landscape and panoramic views. Architecture and nature are intimately intertwined through manipulating the steep site. By exposing limestone walls buried in the earth, a private outdoor room is created that protects users from harsh winds. The dwelling is partially buried in the site to visually blend in with nature, leaving the home to be discovered in the landscape.

Above all else, this is a place of respite derived from the desire to leave behind the hectic grind of life in the city. A place to witness morning light as it floods over the hillside. Observe the pines in a synchronized waltz guided by the lake breeze. Absorb the hum of cicadas, crickets, and frogs singing their orchestrated evening song. Survey the stars suspended in the night sky as dark blue hues fade to black. A place to slow down and enjoy the crackle of a fire, the company of a friend, the closeness of a lover or freedom of time spent alone. A space in harmony with nature.