Art Bunker

2021 –
San Diego, CA.


The existing house on the site was designed by Lloyd Ruocco; a key figure of San Diego’s mid-century architectural history. Lloyd Ruocco’s buildings were primarily out of redwood, glass and post and beam construction, which provided maximum spaciousness and eliminated the need for load bearing interior walls.

The history of the site demanded a design solution that of broadens the language and essence of the existing house. The new residence pays homage to its context by blurring the lines between exterior and interior spaces, as they did so well in San Diego’s mid-century architecture.

The program requirements for Art Bunker consisted of a unique nature; a multipurpose space, control room, reception area, outdoor space, kitchen area, artists’ residence, artist’s workshop, outdoor pool, and a studio apartment. By allowing glass doors to fully open, it creates a seamless connection to the outside program areas. Establishing a flow and rhythm to move through the building was essential to its design, as well as embracing its climate and natural surroundings.

The Art Bunker Residence is designed to encourage creativity and collaboration through architecture.