BL Community

2021 –
San Diego, CA.


Throughout the 20th century, the neighborhood of Barrio Logan has gone through a lot significant changes that have shaped the neighborhood that is today. From being purchased as a railroad land, to a booming commercial fishing and canning industry, to the construction of the Naval Base, Interstate 5, and Coronado Bridge, and the reclamation of Chicano Park, Barrio Logan has stood its ground as vibrant community. We felt an essential responsibility in understanding its history as well being sensible to its growth and densification.

Situated on a 8,200 square feet irregular shaped lot, Barrio Logan Community contains 31 apartments with parking, amenity spaces, as well as a park area. The shape of the building is dictated by the shape of the lot. By creating a singular mass and allowing the circulation and patios carve through the building, we were able to allow for maximum use of space, light and ventilation. 

BL Community functions as a community space for both the people inhabiting the units and its neighbors.