F Residence

2021 –
San Diego, CA.


A family house, one that is meant to enhance the life and memories contained within, providing an embracing background for joy and meaningful interactions. 

In essence the house consists of two simple compositional elements: wooden boxes and the spaces that happen between them. Inside the wooden boxes the rooms are controlled and finely crafted, views are delicately framed, daylight is regulated, and the ceilings have subtle slopes which amplify the experience of each room. 

The space between the boxes is free flowing and organic, without walls or control, with exposed wooden beams for the ceiling and stone floors, opening up and inviting in the periphery environments. 

The house is contemporary in thought, however it is meant to seamlessly blend into the arts and crafts history of the surrounding context and neighborhood, providing both continuity and originality at the same time. This approach allows for the house to age, with dignity and tradition in mind, with the family.