Pio Pio

Collaboration with Sebastian Mariscal


New York City, NY

Pio Pio is a Peruvian restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen on the island of Manhattan. The restaurant is built in what was a vacant concrete space on the street level of a new condo building. There are three different levels within the space. The ground floor level contains the host/entry, lounge, main bar, and additional seating. The lower level serves as the main dining space with a double height volume. Three feet below the main dining space is the kitchen, which is directly under the ground floor space.

Formally, the space is defined by 4 boxes, which are constructed as installations within the existing shell. There are three boxes of reclaimed wood and one of woven Ocotillo canes. There is one small wood box at the entry, where the host greets the customers. Another larger wood box contains the lounge and restaurant services. The third wood box houses several booths. After one passes the three wooden boxes, there is a decent into the Ocotillo box, within which is the main dining space. Inside this nest of branches there is a play of cast-in-place concrete structures that give dialogue to the movement of this space