G Residence

San Diego, CA.


Upon detailed analysis of the site, situated on a quiet street in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego, the most appropriate approach to the design was of humbleness and inward discovery. With this intent, the existing craftsmen style home is left almost completely intact with slight modifications to the interior walls, a remodel of the kitchen and living space, and a low sitting new addition to the back of the house. The changes were studied to be subtle in physicality and dramatic in spatial quality.

From the backyard patio, an elevation drops into an organic courtyard space, lying comfortably in between the existing house and the new addition. This space is a relaxed and reclusive environment to be used year-round in the mild climate and plays as a central circulation filter for all the areas of the house.

Directly off the courtyard space is a wooden door to access the new addition of a master bedroom. The added volume is delicate and rural in its design and materiality, exposing all the natural elements of the architecture and its structural character.