“Our approach to architecture is to search for that intimate connection between space and the human being, which is meaningful in enhancing the emotional quality of our daily life.”

Opened 10 years ago, the work at JSI has evolved slowly and patiently, always subtly refining and engaging its original intent: to create meaningful and engaging spaces for humans that not only inspire but also harness a positive emotional interaction.

The refinement of such work revolves around a combination of curiosity and sensitivity. Curiosity about the world we inhabit, its spaces, history, meaning, and underlying emotional significance, and a sensitivity to those spaces and their surroundings.

Ultimately, the creation of our work happens through personal experience in our world, and then we translate such experiences into built form as a dialogue that attempts to create a poetic response to a specific context and use.


By bringing together individuals with different cultural backgrounds, passions, and skill sets, our team can draw from a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We consider this diversity as one of our greatest strengths, as it allows us to approach each project from a multitude of perspectives and ideas.

We believe that in order to create a space that is inclusive and welcoming for all, it is important to be culturally sensitive and considerate of the diverse physical needs and preferences of various groups. By leveraging the uniqueness of our team, we are able to create spaces that are not only functional and engaging but also culturally sensitive and inclusive.

As a team, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment through our design practices and we seek to promote a more sustainable and resilient future. We hope that by setting an example through our work, we can inspire others to adopt sustainable practices in their own lives and make a deeper connection with nature in order to instinctively seek to protect and preserve it.

Jeff Svitak
Owner – Architect

When I think about architecture, I have the feeling of nostalgia. These feelings are developed from the images of my life history and desires. I vividly remember the way  morning sunlight entered through the glass door of my childhood home. I remember the warmth it gave as it washed the wood floors where I was sitting.

The depth of emotion that is supported by our surrounding environment is endless and malleable. My approach to architecture is to search for that intimate connection between space and the human being, which is meaningful in enhancing the emotional quality of our daily life.

My work in architecture has been developed through a perpetual interaction with the minutia of its creation. From the initial conception of a space, to the materiality that binds it, to its physical construction, I continue to seek the nuances of architecture that link to the emotions of its inhabitants.

Landon Hubbard
Senior Project Manager – Designer

While at university Landon spent a semester learning to weld, build furniture and hone his craft in fine woodworking. He spent his collegiate summers working in a design build program with an emphasis in CNC based construction and implementation. Landon spent six years in the mid-west working at KEM STUDIO, an architecture and industrial design firm. The studio focused on a holistic approach with equal emphasis on the spaces humans inhabit and the objects we interact with on a daily basis. In 2019 Landon joined JSI and plays a vital role in every project, from conception to completion. Landon’s inquisitive nature is a testament to his dedication in crafting meaningful spaces that enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

Ana Svitak
Interior Design – Branding

Ana has always been a maker. Since she was little she was always finding creative ways to explore the world and create unique things. Which is why Industrial Design was the perfect fit as she got to experiment with different materials and their unique qualities. Working so intimately with natural materials like wood, clay, fibers and metal, had a deep impact in her design perspective and aspirations. She comes with a unique creative and cultural awareness from her constant traveling but specially from her year long trip around the world. She has ample experience in different industries in design from interiors, furniture and textiles for both residential and hospitality projects to managing creative processes at a Biotech REIT, Gensler, or currently at JSI Studio.

Tomás Tironi
Senior Project Manager – Designer


Tomas’s architectural background has been deeply influenced by traveling, living, and working in different countries and cultures. Before graduating
in 2015 with maximum distinction in PUC (Chile)
he participated in exchange studies at AHO Oslo, collaborated in PUSHAK S.A (Norway), and worked for OFFICE KGDVS (Belgium). Post graduating he joined the studio of Cecilia Puga (Chile) where he worked on “Queulat National Park Infrastructure” building in the fragile ecosystem of Patagonia. In 2018 Tomas co-founded his architectural practice Tironi Bartlau. He has been actively involved in academic work teaching in different universities both in the US and abroad. In 2022 he joined JSI where he plays an integral role in designing impactful spaces sensitive to nature, culture and context.

Zahir DiNublia
Account Management

Zahir DiNublia brings over 19 years of accounting experience and expertise in high end architectural construction budgets. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Quincy College in Boston, MA and holds a certificate in bookkeeping. As Zahir ‘s career progressed in San Diego, she focused her efforts on all aspects of accounting in the construction business and working with some of the most distinguished Architects and Developers. She manages all internal accounting, performing in-depth analysis of project expenses, ensuring reports are clear and budgets are up to date.

Miguel Perez
Junior Project Manager – Designer

During his studies, Miguel interned in Tijuana at Gracia Studio and later in Guadalajara with architect Luis Aldrete where he worked on a broad range of project typologies constructed from local materials. Miguel joined JSI in 2023 bringing a wide array of skills to the table, amongst them are 3D visualization, rendering, video production, photography, editing and architectural model construction. Outside of the office Miguel is a talented oil painter and loves to draw. His breath of knowledge extends beyond architecture into linguistics; he currently speaks six languages and is looking to add a few more to his repertoire. Miguel’s design influences are deeply rooted in context and culture. He believes that transformative architecture is a direct result of understanding the people who inhabit the spaces we put forth into the world.